Curiosity has always powered my life. It’s what led me to create the Discovery Channel* and to envision a collection of opportunities for passionate learners to interact with experts. Our Curiosity Retreats provide a gathering place for the curious and well-informed to enjoy compelling discussions with some of the brightest, most innovative thinkers of our time.

Each Curiosity Retreat will host a limited number of participants who enjoy the assembly of eight renowned experts over four days delving into topics in four thematic areas: science, technology, civilization, and the human spirit.  Art and musical interludes will accompany fascinating presentations featuring topics as diverse as string theory, nanotechnology, democracy, global conflict, internet evolution, and ancient civilizations.

Gateway Canyons is a natural first home for Curiosity Retreats. Throughout each Curiosity Retreat, attendees will be treated to a wealth of recreational opportunities in the spectacular western landscape. Gateway is a place where the planet opens up to tell its story and evokes eternal questions. I invite you to explore the landscape and engage the great minds, and together we’ll begin to touch the answers.

John Hendricks
Founder & Creator of Curiosity Retreats

*Curiosity Retreats is not affiliated with Discovery Communications, Inc.  John Hendricks created Curiosity Retreats as a personal venture independent of Discovery Communications, Inc., other than content licenses and other contractual agreements.




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